We Are Professional Preschool & Kindergarten Photographers in Adelaide offering packages from just $30!

Specialising in  kindergarten, childcare and pre-school photography, we provide families with professional quality portraits at kindy photo prices across Adelaide and South Australia.

Your photo day is customised to ensure a professional and smooth running day, with a wide range of portrait packages for families to choose from.  We offer premium photo packs INCLUDING the ever popular “pre-school photo day books” everyone loves!

We love to exceed expectations in every way and understand young children need a personalised approach on photo day. To keep our promise of great quality portraits, we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee with each and every photo we deliver.

On photo day, we have lots of fun playing games with the children. It’s important to create a connection and make children feel comfortable before we start taking photos!

We get down to their level and connect with them through play. We spend the time necessary with each child to get to know them, the end result, warm & engaging portraits parents will want frame and hang on their walls.

We play silly games and make it fun, it’s then children relax we get the best smiles from them without them needing to say “cheese”.  We are humbled to have grown so much over the past decade photographing so many children across Adelaide.  We believe our large client base is because of our “mummy test”…. it’s as simple as ensuring that each and every photo that leaves the studio would be proudly displayed by us, in our homes.  In the rare event we are unable to capture your child’s personality and the portraits don’t meet our quality standards, packs are refunded in full.

On photo day in childcare centres, we like to arrive early in the day, ready to photograph by 8am when everyone is fresh and looking their best.  We start with the youngest children first and endeavor to have them photographed prior to any naps.  We will have your photo day completed prior to lunch for minimum disruption to your programming.

In kindergartens, we will arrange a suitable arrival time with directors. We frequently photograph 2 kindy’s in one morning, one first thing and one mid morning.  We will staff our day to ensure we are still finished photos by lunchtime regardless of our start time.  We work with you to suit your schedule.

Families who make a special trip on a non-attendance day will be prioritised in order of arrival.  We ask childcare families to arrive before 10am on photo day. Kindy families, please ensure your child is in attendance at the start of the day to be included in the group photo.

Why Choose Us:

  • Simple pre-paid system – ONLINE or on the day
  • Natural, play-based portraits that MUST meet our “mummy test” EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
  • Complimentary digital staff photos for your centre or kindergarten to use as needed throughout the year
  • Complimentary class photo print of every room to display in your centre
  • Professional editing and presentation of every photo that leaves our studio
  •  20+ years experience photographing children
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on all photo packages
  • A wide range of packages to suit all budgets, starting at just $30
  • Fast turn around and prompt delivery of your photo packages (no longer than 4 weeks)

Dates for 2023 are almost at full capacity, we have less than a handful of dates left available. Please contact us if you would like further information or would like Photoplay Studios to visit your Preschool, Childcare Centre or Kindergarten.

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