Hi, welcome and thanks for stopping by!  I’m Tania Pile, a photographer specialising in photographing preschoolers and junior sporting teams based in Adelaide, South Australia.

I’ve had a camera in my hand from a very young age, bribing my younger brothers to allow me to photograph them over and over again – in some pretty awful lighting against the old tin shed on the farm.  I still remember developing black and white film in the high school darkroom and that magical moment my image would appear in the chemical trays – I was hooked!  By the age of 17 I’d won my first photographic competition, the prize being an SLR camera.  I could now photograph any time I wanted, much to my brothers disgust.

Fast forward to today, technology has changed enormously over the past 2 decades, but that desire to create amazing images remains the same for me.  I get to meet wonderful people each and every day, celebrating their life’s most memorable milestones. I love photographing that magical kindy year where kids get to truly learn through play as well as watching kids growing up into confident young adults through their sporting clubs in and around Adelaide.

In 2020, my photography business is celebrating 14 years under the name Photoplay Studios in Adelaide.

If after having a look through my website you would like to have a chat about visiting your kindergarten, childcare centre or junior sporting club to create your annual portraits, I’d love to hear from you.  You can fill out the contact page on the website and I’ll get back to you asap, or if you are like me, and would just prefer to talk, I can be reached during office hours on the phone.


Ps. Oh, that obligatory paragraph about what I like…..

I love to travel (both overseas and camping)! I don’t believe in waiting for retirement to travel the world, life is too short.  I love a great bottle of red wine and ash rind triple brie cheese…..and chocolate (but that one’s a given, right?).

I have a wonderful husband who is in charge of all the technical guff needed to operate the computers and back up systems (I couldn’t do it without him),  he frequently run errands on the way home from work as well. I’ve got 2 spunky little men who are happy to do light tests in the studio for a freddo frog…. although these days bonus Nintendo switch time gets more mileage out of them!  Life is good.

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