Welcome and thank you for choosing Photoplay Studios to capture your baby portraits in the upcoming weeks.  Baby sessions are special , no two are the same and that’s what I love about them.  Baby sessions take place in our purpose built studio just 10 minutes north of Adelaide’s CBD.

Our sessions are always at your child’s pace.  For some children this is fast and fun, others it’s a relaxed morning with lots of cuddles and sweet smiles. After many years of photographing children, I’ve learn’t to read them very quickly and adjust my style to suit their personality. Your baby session to  take approx 1 hour and include 2-3 “costume” changes – after that, I’ve worn them out!  Your baby is always in charge of the schedule & we have lots of fun creating beautiful portraits.

In the following information you will find some tips on how to prepare for your session.

During our sessions we use a wide range of props, many sourced from around the globe as well as well as beautiful handmade pieces from local businesses right here in Adelaide..

If you still have any questions I can help you with, I’d love to hear from you!

Organising yourself to attend a baby photo session (which is an exciting thing to do) can often be a daunting task – so we thought we would share a few tips on how to get ready.

Preparing your baby:
Number one thing – stay CALM and RELAXED, your baby will know if you are stressed.  Everything on the day is a game, keeping things light and fun will result in a happy little person.  Expectations of a baby smiling for the full duration of the session are not realistic – I work with little ones every week  and a baby session will wear them out at some point.  It’s important not to go in “hard and fast” at the beginning and overload their senses with squeaky toys and exciting noises.  The studio is stimulating enough as it is with big lights and new surroundings.   I work with the personalities of each individual baby, altering the positions I pop them in so not to wear them out too quickly.

After many years of photographing babies and toddlers, the best thing you can do to prepare is ensure that your little one is well fed prior to arriving at the studio.  We also make your session at a time when your little person is usually awake and not due for a nap.  These two things will make a huge difference to the attention span of your baby during the photo shoot.

There are lots of props and clothing options for your baby photo session at the studio but please feel free to bring along any clothing you may wish to include to personalise your session. It’s best to stay clear of  fitted shirts, especially for little ones under 9 months old as they need to sit perfectly to look “just right”.  If baby is comfortable in what they are wearing, they are more likely to be happy for longer during the session.  Keep things simple for a classic, timeless look.  Keeping things simple means it’s all about your baby.  It’s a great idea to bring along their favorite book for sessions with babies sitting up, it makes a wonderful memory for years to come.

I suggest to most people you decide at least the day before what you and your family wear to the session.  Try and find clothing with texture (knits work well), plain colours, and above all something comfortable.  Don’t worry too much about your pants/skirt, photographs with parents are generally from the waist up unless we have discussed creating “formal” portraits within your session.  If there are siblings to be included in the photos, again, keep the attire simple and as free from logos/writing as possible.

Family photographs are generally taken on either a black or white background for a timeless, classic look.  Wearing dark colors on black works particularly well, as does light colours on the white backdrop.

We love taking beautiful photos that show the love and connection between parents and their child, and this often involves your hands being in some of the photos.  Try and make sure your nails are neat and tidy so they look their best for these photos (this means you too dad).
Siblings play an important role during your baby session. We always aim to achieve sibling photos and family photos during your shoot (this will be dependent on your toddlers willingness to participate), however your baby will be the star of the show for the session.

If you are bringing toddlers to the session, please ensure they have eaten before arriving at the studio.  Hungry toddlers can be less than co-operative at times.  I’ll always start the session with the toddlers and baby.   The studio is a comfortable size for a small family, and once the sibling and family photos have been taken its a great opportunity for any young children to explore the park opposite the studio and stretch their legs giving us time to focus our attention on your baby and create beautiful portraits for you.

Three main points to remember for your session:

1. Decide on your wardrobe at least the day before your session.

2. On the day of your session, plan to feed your baby and children before arriving at the studio – full tummies are always a good thing.

3. Keep the mood light and happy – stressed parents mean stressed children.

We kindly ask that during your baby session you don’t use any recording devices to film/photograph any part of the session. Beyond the issue of IP, it’s quite distracting to work with someone recording over your shoulder. Please refer to the terms and conditions on your booking sheet for more info. Thanks for your understanding.

You can refer back to our collections at any time to view the inclusions in our collections HERE. Or feel free to call with any questions you may have!

We look forward to welcoming you into the studio soon.

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