Welcome and thank you for choosing Photoplay Studios to capture your newborn baby portraits in the upcoming weeks. Newborn sessions are special, no two are the same and that’s what I love about them. Our newborn sessions take place in our purpose built studio, it’s warm and cosy, we have a comfy couch for mum and dad to relax on while you watch your new little bundle have their first photo session.

Our sessions are always relaxed and you can expect the newborn session to take anywhere between 2 and 3 hours. Your baby is always in charge of the schedule, we break for feeds and settling as needed.

In the following pages you will find some tips on how to prepare for your newborn session.

During our sessions we use a wide range of props, many sourced from around the globe as well as well as beautiful handmade pieces from local businesses right here in Adelaide..

This information is here to answer your questions about newborn photography and how we can create timeless artwork for generations to come.
If you still have any questions we can help you with, we would love to hear from you!


Organising yourself to attend a newborn photo session (which is an exciting thing to do) can often be the first major outing into the world after giving birth – so we thought we would share a few tips on how to get ready.  Please ensure you put us on your “text list” of people to contact once your little one has arrived.  Even if your baby has arrived early and needs to spend a couple of extra days in hospital, it’s best let us know asap so we can offer you a couple of dates, rather than being limited to just one appointment available, ensuring your little one is being photographed before they get to the age where they take longer to settle and potentially less “curly”.  Please don’t be put off contacting us if your baby has jaundice or has been delivered by forceps etc.  Photoshop is a wonderful tool we use to correct skin colour or non permanent marks on the skin.

Preparing your baby
Number one thing – stay CALM and RELAXED, your baby will know if you are stressed and in turn, possibly become unsettled.  Please ensure that whatever you dress your baby in on the morning of the photo shoot does NOT need to be lifted over their head to be removed.  A simple “onesie” that can be unzipped is perfect attire to arrive to a session in.  If your little one does arrive at the studio asleep, we have more of a chance of keeping them that way if we are not removing singlets and tops over their face.

A couple of days prior to your session, give consideration to your own diet if you are breastfeeding.  Avoid foods that can cause your baby to produce wind.  Things like garlic & onions are best avoided.  This can help immensely with little ones.

After many years of photographing newborns, the best thing you can do to prepare is try and give your baby some awake time for up to 2 hours prior to the session, bath them and give them a big feed. Then pop them in the car and head to the studio.  MOST of the time they will arrive sound asleep and we can begin creating some beautiful images.  After a bath, dress your baby in warm but loose fitting clothes, ensuring the clothing does not need to be removed over your babies head.  If baby arrives asleep, we have a better chance of keeping baby asleep if things like singles are not being lifted over the face.

If your baby does not arrive asleep, DO NOT worry, we go with the flow and spend some time photographing you as a family first instead of at the end.  Rest assured that within a couple of hours at some point your new baby WILL sleep for some of the session.  We always schedule newborn sessions mid morning (and only one newborn session per day) as babies tend to sleep better during this time.

Your baby will be in their birthday suit for the session, we do however use nappy covers to hide disposable nappies.  We provide the all blankets, props, hats, headbands for the session, so no need to worry about “outfits” for your newest family member.


I suggest to most people you decide at least the day before what you and your family wear to the session.  Try and find clothing with texture (knits work well), plain colours (I know I loved black for at least a month after giving birth to both my boys), and above all something comfortable.  If you would like some skin on skin photos with bub, ladies wear a singlet top or similar.  Don’t worry too much about your pants/skirt, photographs with parents are generally from the waist up.  If there are siblings to be included in the photos, again, keep the attire simple and as free from logos/writing as possible.

Family photographs are generally taken on either a black or white background for a timeless, classic look.  Wearing dark colors on black works particularly well, as does light colours on the white backdrop.

We love taking beautiful photos that show the love and connection between parents and their new baby, and this often involves your hands being in some of the photos.  Try and make sure your nails are neat and tidy so they look their best for these photos (this means you too dad).
Siblings play an important role during your newborn session. We always aim to achieve sibling photos and family photos during your shoot (this will be dependent on your toddlers willingness to participate), however your baby will be the star of the show for the session.

If you are bringing toddlers to the session, please ensure they have eaten before arriving at the studio.  Hungry toddlers can be less than co-operative at times.  I’ll always start the session with the toddlers and baby.If baby is asleep its best to get these shots without too much delay.  The studio is a comfortable size for a small family, however it helps the baby settle in to a deep sleep, if once the sibling and family photos have been taken for any young children to explore the park opposite the studio and stretch their legs or head to a local coffee shop with dad for a well deserved baby chino. In almost all cases, once excited older siblings venture off to burn up some energy, newborns drift into a deep sleep, enabling us to create beautiful newborn portraits of your newest family member.


You’ve packed the car, blow dried your hair for the first time in at least a week, have matching socks on (bonus) and packed that elusive nappy bag until its brimming – you are ready to head out the door and make your way to the studio – congratulations!

Now you want to know what actually happens at you newborn photography session.
For those babies born in the cooler months you will be pleased to know the studio is very warm and cosy.  This is our number one trick to inducing and maintaining a sleeping baby.  As a general rule, if we are sweating, your baby is happy and won’t bother waking up to see what all the fuss is about.

Regardless of time of year, it’s going to be warm in the studio – just giving you the heads up!
If your baby has a full belly, it’s another reason not to bother waking.
So now we have a happy sleeping baby, lets create some beautiful images.

Young babies can bend into the curl into all sorts of poses.
That being said we NEVER force a baby in to a pose. Safety is our number 1 priority!
Most of the poses you see of babies hanging in bags, or propped with the feet sticking forward and hands supporting their chin are composite images.
As professional photographers we take several photos with the baby being supported at all times and work the image to achieve the final “composite artwork”.  We take whatever time is necessary to get a newborn comfortable, posed and sleeping soundly before we even take a photo.

For babies that are older than 14 days, we tailor the session to suit their age.  They tend not to sleep as much during their session (which can mean beautiful wide eyed photos at times). We always discuss the sorts of positions we can achieve with older babies prior to your session.  If you have questions about the images you can expect us to create with older babies, please just ask.


There is a lot of time within the session moving between and perfecting poses.
Most times, we like to start with “swaddled” poses, allowing your baby to settle into the new environment and get comfortable.  No two sessions are ever the same!

Poop! Yes it happens at almost ALL sessions.  Accidents do happen, everything is washed after each session, its just part of the session so don’t worry about it and relax.

We kindly ask that during your newborn session you don’t use any recording devices to film/photograph any part of the session.  Beyond the issue of IP, it’s quite distracting
to work with someone recording over your shoulder. Thanks for your understanding.

Three main points to remember for your session:

1. Remember to add us to your “text” list after your babies arrival so we can arrange your appointment time.  If you remember, its handy to include babies birth weight, we have a wide range of props, something for all sizes and we like to prepare the studio as much as possible prior to your session.

2. Decide on your wardrobe at least the day before your session.

3. On the day, keep baby awake for 1-2 hours, bath & feed, pop something loose and easily removable on your baby, then head to the studio.

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